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These are some Puffkins variations found from internet resources.

Aussie w/shiny black nose (original)
Aussie w/matte black nose
Aussie with the "s" missing off the word "likes" in the poem
Dinky w/ Pickles poem
Dinky w/style #6633 (normal)
Dinky w/wrong style #6632
Fetch w/dark brown shiny nose (original)
Fetch w/light brown shiny nose
Fetch w/dark brown matte nose
Henrietta w/black nose holes
Henrietta without nose holes
Honey w/matte nose
Honey w/shiny nose
Lancaster w/ ‘g’ left off the word gladly
Lancaster w/rhgme
Lancaster w/rhyme (normal)
Lancaster w/rngme
Lancaster w/rythme
Lily -2-28-97 bright feet (unconfirmed)
Lily -2-28-97 moss feet with lemon yellow eyes
Lily -2-28-97 moss feet with golden eyes
Lily -2-29-97 bright feet with lemon yellow eyes
Lily -2-29-97 moss feet with lemon yellow eyes
Lily with a Nutty Tag
Max w/flared black nostrils
Max w/non-flared black nostrils
Pickles w/Dinky poem & name
Pickles w/style #6632 (normal)
Pickles w/wrong style # 6633
Shelly w/bright green feet
Shelly w/moss feet
Snowball w/black nose (original)
Snowball w/lavender nose
Snowball w/pink nose
Tasha w/lavender nose
Tasha w/bright pink nose
Tasha w/light pink nose
Tipper - Bright green eyes
Tipper - Yellow eyes w/ tinge of green (original)